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Valentine's sale for the Our Story books!

Create now for 55 EUR 25 EUR!

I design my own

What is Our Story?

  • Our Story is not simply a book, Our Story is Your Real Story.
  • a book that can tell why you love them
  • a book in which you can collect all the little things that you sometimes don’t even think about.
  • a book to tell your beloved ones why they are special to you.


Our Story is a hardcover book in A5 size. It can be 20-126 pages long. It is one page/sheet up to 64 pages and two pages/sheet above 64 pages.

You can put together the pages of the book and make it personalised and we offer more that 600 pre-made pages to help you. You have the option to rewrite the text on the pages and on the cover as well, you can choose a customised font and can decide what character symbolises you the best.

You can decide which direction the characters should look and what emotion they should have on their faces for each page. We can help you with ideas, the rest is all up to you. Try our book editor and surprise your loved ones!

How to start?

Before starting, you should register at our website. If you do, you can return to your unfinished project whenever you would like to and continue from where you left off. However, the editor can also be used without registration as well.



First, choose your characters: you are the giver, and the receiver is the one you would like to give this book to. Choose a name to your characters that you usually use to call each other. It is important to know that our site will automatically insert these names where necessary. Of course you can modify these names during editing but if you return once the editing is done the site cannot modify the names anymore.



Choose what occasion you would like to give this gift for. Then give a title to your book: you can from the titles created by us but you can also add an own personalised title and you can also change the font type. If you choose a page with your characters on it, you can decide which way the characters look and decide what emotion they have on their faces.


Editing the pages

First, choose the font that you will use throughout the whole book. In order to be consistent, you cannot choose different fonts for different pages. If you are done, you can start editing the book.


In order to help you with putting together your story, we offer more than 600 sample pages: by using and if necessary, modifying these you can assemble the whole book. The pre-made samples are organised into categories. You can decide whether these samples are included without or with personalised modifications.

In case of modifying, you can edit or rewrite the texts and text bubbles and decide what emotion the characters’ faces should express and which way they should look. We will help you but you will also have to use your creativity!



Once you are done with all the pages (don’t forget, you can decide how long you would like to make your book), add the book to your basket. Please pay attention to spelling: unfortunately we cannot correct mistakes so make sure everything is correct before we print your book.

Since OurStory is a unique product, it is made for individual orders only and therefore you cannot cancel the order after finalising it. Read more in the Terms and Conditions.

Process of purchasing

This is the finish line: the rest goes as usual, you should provide the delivery address and choose a payment method. Please check if all your information is correct.


As for the payment, at the moment you can choose from a bank transfer in advance. We are working on the card payment, thanks for your patience. (Read more about delivery/handover here.)

You can ask for incognito delivery, which means that the recipient only receives the book and the electronic invoice will be sent to the provided email address. You can only choose this option in case of paying via bank transfer in advance. We recommend this option if the book will be a surprise.

Packaging: click if you don’t like packing gifts or if you would like to send the book straight to the recipient. We can offer you this kind of packaging in this case.



The book preparation time is 4-5 working days, delivery time is depends on your country. (For more information on shipping, click here.) Don’t worry, we will send you all the important info via email (there might be delays due to increased workload e.g. around Christmas).


I design
my own!

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  • 1031 Budapest, Keve utca 19.
  • (If you send us an e-mail, be so kind and use English.)
  • Opening hours: monday-friday 10:00 - 16:30

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